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10-Sep-2020 12:26

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I can go on this website and often know I am getting first look at content and new music from artists.

They also show viral videos which are pretty cool too. Some of the content is violent though and there are a lot of scrapping videos.

Rapper 50 Cent also sued World Star Hip Hop in 2009 for using his image on their site without his permission.

50 Cent claimed that World Star and O'Denat used his images on the website which led people to believe that he was one of the owners of the site.

Bill O'Reilly attacked World Star Hip Hop and its president after watching a video of a kid talking about his plans to kill then-president George W. O'Reilly said, "I believe the Secret Service should arrest the parents of this kid and the purveyor of the website (Q)", calling it a "crime" that this was allowed up after the video was banned on other sites. WSHH names the video "Disgraceful: College Fight In NYC Breaks Out Between A Guy, His Girl & Another Girl In Class! Hitting Her With Body Shots)." Shortly after the video was posted Scott was given copyright to the video by Mr. He filed for a takedown notice so that WSHH would take down the video.

a video surfaced of a fight between a man (Scott) and his current and former girlfriend. He explained that WS did not have his permission to put up the video of the fight.

He explained that O'Denat tarnished his image by having his image up on the site without his permission.

After a five-year battle, 50 Cent finally won the case against World Star.

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It has all of the latest hip hop related news, and is presented in a well-written, professional format.

Lee O’Denat, an internet entrepreneur who founded the website World Star Hip — which came to represent the pure id of hip-hop with its mix of music videos and street fights, superstars and unknowns, the grotesque and (very occasionally) the feel-good, and which at its peak was among the most heavily trafficked properties on the internet — died on Monday in San Diego. The cause was atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, a spokeswoman for the San Diego County medical examiner’s office said.