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11-Oct-2020 01:19

The last version available: Firmware 1.99 Beta - 20 Due to it's popularity the Wiikey has been cloned.

According to the manufacturer, "Cloned Wiikeys will not accept the official software updates".

This means that you can't fit a Wii Key in the usual manor.

Some D2B chips have three of their pins snipped off.

To play New Super Mario Brother Wii game backup on a Wii Key 2 modded Wii machine, Wii Key 2 need to update its firmware to 1.3. Step 4, Hold down reset button for 3 seconds to upgrade firmware. Step 5, After reboot, and go into the program, it is Config page.

Step 1, Download the firmware update and config disk ISO file. Step 3, Put the disk into Wii and load the program. The information shows the firmware version is 1.3, Odyssey.

For now, these clones work exactly as well as the originals, although their build quality may not be exactly up to standard. To ensure you are purchasing a genuine Wiikey chip and not a clone be sure to purchase your Wiikey only from vendors on the official resellers list.

To determine if a Wiikey is a clone use the following guide: As of now, all region free methods (be it patching with a region free application, or in this case, the Wiikey's built in region free capability) share the same method of patching.

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I have just obtained Mario Cart for Wii and I am reading that some people cant get it to run without updating the Wiikey to 1.9s. Basically, a Wii Key is more commonly known as a “mod chip” for the Wii.