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During the premiere of the fifth season, the guys headed out to New York's Madame Tussauds wax museum, with Sal scoring a shot with Jean-Luc himself. Between 20, Joker Sal Vulcano was a part owner of Full Cup, a beloved music venue and bar in his native Staten Island.

Unfortunately, the location ran into financial trouble in 2014 and rebranded itself as Hashtag Bar in early 2016.

"Like, he'd introduce every challenge like, 'These dā€”- are at it again! '" Instead of getting Stewart's dulcet tones yelling the boys down ā€” which, let's face it, probably would've been more distracting than anything ā€” they ended up with the tag-team duo of Drew Patterson and Bill St.James, the underappreciated glue that holds the freewheeling show together.