Virtual world of dating

23-Nov-2019 18:12

They can also pull the plug on a date in the first few minutes if they’re lacking in spark, safe in the knowledge that they never have to invent elaborate get-out clauses.

From a more romantic perspective, VR has the potential to expand horizons quite literally, allowing you to have your first date in any number of locations both real and fictional.

Facebook has launched a show called Virtually Dating, a version of a blind date using VR technology.

It's a strange mix, because the people are physically in the same space but can only see each other and interact in VR.

Of course there will be a huge market in third-party software that effectively creates the VR equivalent of a fake profile, but certainly online daters can feel more secure in the knowledge that their potential suitor is indeed who they say they are with Virtual Reality technology.

There are more than 2500 dating sites in the US alone, ranging from the mainstream cyber-Cupids like to niche sites that bring disparate users with their own unique tastes together.

In the days before the internet, these isolated souls might have had more difficulty finding likeminded partners.

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Tinder’s rise to fame in 2014 threw the final shackles off the online dating world, and the popularity of sites like and e Harmony’s TV is testimony to the online dating boom.The statistics say no different: one in 10 Americans admits to using an online dating site, 66% of these users have subsequently met in real life and 23% of them met their current spouse on the internet.The value of online dating is a drop in the ocean compared to the video games industry, which is fast approaching 0 billion a year.In many cases, a decline in attraction occurred after the first face to face date, in spite of previously favourable online interactions.

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However, this was "tempered" by the amount of online communication before meeting, indicating that the higher this was, the lower the disillusionment on actual contact.

‘Catfishing’ has become mainstream terminology for pretending to be someone else online; US television series Catfish investigates these fabricated relationships.

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