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For the bride, this meant being stripped of old clothing and any symbols of her unwed status, such as her kransen, a gilt circlet worn by Scandinavian girls.The kransen, symbolic of virginity, among other things, would be stored for the bride’s future daughter.The elf Dalla is waiting for you there, ready to send you back to the battle field!Slave Market Many of the Vikings owned slaves, so the game offers an optional content, not related to the main story.

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Once the bath was finished, the bride plunged into cold water, to close the pores and end the cleansing process.Marriage offered stability, serving as a way to control sexual activity and reproduction in the community.A culture with a negative historical reputation for its treatment of women actually worked quite hard to ensure relative gender equality and fair treatment of and respect for women and female sexuality.Full-time job We are very excited about this goal, it means that we are going to focus all of our time and energy working and improving the game, no more freelance projects!

Developing this game is going to be our full-time job.

The public build will stay 1 month behind the current one. supporters receive a beta build, a couple of days before the backer release.-When you first start the game, it’s going to pick up the highest possible settings, but we have implemented in-game settings menu (ESC – Settings), where you can tweak the settings to play with a higher frame rate.

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