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15-Jan-2021 08:44

Animation and video work* Salad Fingers, a series of bizarre animations about a green humanoid that is aroused by the feeling of coarsely-textured objects, most famously rusty spoons, taps, and nettles.* Devvo, a series of live-action documentaries, some of which have been shown on E4's Funny Cuts and Channel 4's Whatever series, about a foul-mouthed unemployed delinquent stereotypical 'chav' named Darren Devonshire from Doncaster.

The films (which can be seen on Google Video here and here) follow Devvo going about his typical day - getting his dole money, getting drunk in a playground, picking fights with people larger than him, attempting rap duels and setting fire to an abandoned car.

The broadcasted segments follow on from a series of videos posted on Firth's website.* Burnt Face Man, a comedy series (8 episodes) about a superhero with a badly burnt face who is often accused of being a homosexual.* Twinkle Tits, A short piece shown on Screenwipe BBC4 2006, presented by Charlie Brooker.* Spoilsbury Toast Boy, a series going chronologically backward about a young boy enslaved, and eventually murdered, by malevolent beetles in what appears to be a post-apocalyptic, dystopian society.* Sock Episodes, a surreal selection of animations based on his dreams.

Sock Episode One Ptikobj'Socklops* ', a story about a goodness-radiating plant.

Jimmy lányát egy nap holtan találják, s a gyilkosság ismét összeköti az egykori cimborák életét.

A bosszúra szomjas Jimmy és az igazság után nyomozó Sean úton-útfélen Dave gyanús ábrázatába botlik.

Miközben a disszociatív identitászavar mentális megosztottsága régóta lenyűgözi és próbára teszi a tudományt, él az a vélekedés is, hogy egyeseknél sajátos testi attribútumok rendelődnek minden személyiséghez, és adott esetben fizikálisan is több személyiségre oszlik az az egyetlen illető.

Noha Kevin már feltárt 23 személyiséget pszichiáterének, Dr.

Cole csak benne bízik: senkinek nem beszélhet arról, amit lát, de a férfival lassan megértik egymást.

The backing music used in every episode is Elastic Ballroom by Aphex Twin from the unreleased album Melodies From Mars.*Feedback Wesley, a series of very short hidden "cartoons" which are themed around the title character (assumed to be another alter-ego of Firth) answering various e-mails sent to Firth, ranging from how much they hate his work to if he is a goth or a chav.

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