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24-Aug-2020 17:26

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If you take anything fancier or faster in Italy you need a mandatory seat reservation.If you buy a point to point ticket on those trains the reservation, for a particular seat in a particular carriage on a particular train, will be included in the price, and as the train is specified the ticket does not need to be validated.The older machines are rectangular yellow, while newer ones that I've seen are oval-shaped blue and gray.Both types have a digital display showing the time and date.When the conductor asks for tickets, if your ticket is not validated ("convalidated"), there will be a hefty fine.The Ron In Rome site has a step-by-step explanation with pictures, the same process applies all over Italy.Pop the ticket in and it makes a crunchy noise and when you pull the ticket out it will be stamped. If you get on the same Regionale train with a valid train pass you don't need to validate but your pass must be valid on that date.

Do I need to validate these somehow before boarding the train and if so how? You don't need to validate these in advance because they are for a specific date, time, train and seat.We have been reading about validating your tickets before boarding and comppulsatory reservations. If you have a ticket, where/how do you validate it before boarding, and what does compulsatory reservations mean?