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In addition, the course also aimed to give insight into the Austen culture industry and the ways in which Austen’s novels have functioned to secure or subvert the boundaries between high and popular culture.

To this end, we analyzed a number of film adaptations, notably the 2006 Pride & Prejudice, Kipling’s “The Janeites,” Paula Marantz Cohen’s Jane Austen in Boca, and some fan fiction on the Republic of Pemberley website, and discussed audience/reader responses to these varied texts.

Herendeen's first novel Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander was initially issued by a subsidy publisher with the subtitle A Bisexual Regency Romance, in 2005.

Harper Collins released a slightly altered version of the book in 2008 without that subtitle.

Partly because of my own hybrid relation to Austen, as well as the cross-over influence of my teaching in American Cultural Studies, I included a fan fiction assignment on my course, “Jane Austen: Fiction, History, Fans.” The present essay gives an account of this experiment and aims to contribute to the ongoing conversation about the “customization” and teaching of Austen that has been taking place recently in Austen Studies.

Like Diana Birchall, I claim that “a new understanding of Austen’s works can be gained by the unorthodox method of writing pastiche.” However, I argue that this phenomenon has specific modalities when it takes place in a pedagogic context.

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Before we get to the stories themselves (found in the Appendix and accessible by clicking on the titles), some contexts are necessary.

Her talk, "Having It Both Ways, or Writing From the Third Perspective: The Revolutionary M/M/F Ménage Romance Novel" was presented at Princeton University's 2009 conference: Two Strings To Her Bow by John Pettie (1882) is a fantasy of the Regency Dandy from the era of Oscar Wilde and the Edwardian Dandy.

It features on the cover of the 2008 Harper Paperback edition of Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander.

Herendeen's atypical Regency Romance introduces a central same-sex love story into a Regency-set tale of a marriage of convenience which otherwise obeys many of the conventions of genre romance.

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The heroine Phyllida, an author(ess), offers the hero a quid pro quo of "irregular" liberty in marriage - his sexual freedom for her literary and professional freedom.

In [Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander], sentimental values domesticate sexual practices and family structures that were (and still are in some cases) against the law.