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29-Oct-2020 07:01

If the value is some version of an empty string, then I remove it from the movie dictionary.

Note that I'm using copy here so that I can do that without getting the dictionary change size error.

So here at the top I've compiled this regular expression that will do a match and will group the different components of the match in such a way that I can pull out the integer component for that value.

And then I simply convert it to an int here, and make sure that runtime gets added to the fields to set.

Now here what we're doing is limiting it to the first 100 documents retrieved using the limit method. So find, as we know, returns a cursor, which allows us to iterate over the documents that are retrieved. Py Mongo and Mongo DB work together to do the right thing here which is to return the documents in batches of many dozen.

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This is the chunk of code that creates the embedded document.

In the body of this loop, this is where we are building those dictionaries that we see as the values for set and unset in the update document.