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15-Jun-2020 21:59

Of course, you will already have the columns from your parent available which is, in this case, the « Title » column. If you decide to click on « Edit site column » you will change this column EVERYWHERE it’s currently in use.Personally, I don’t like the title column because I never know what to write there. When you click on the column here’s what you see: Your instinct tells you to click on "Edit site column" beside Title right? This could be a catastrophe if it happened within a massive site collection.Content types are a set of columns that are grouped together to serve a specific purpose.For example, you could create a content type (group of columns) called « invoice » that you can then insert in every list or library that would need this type of information.By this point, you should’ve made the connection between creating something in your Site and Site Settings.

This article will help you understand one of the more difficult elements of Share Point, as well as how to create and use Content Types to optimize your time, and simplify your daily tasks.In my own site, I created the group « Natasha Content Types ». We created a new content type that is ready to be modified to serve a purpose.Here’s what you will see once your content type is created. Remember when I said the Item column type is like the king or root of all content types?You’ll probably recognize some of them like wiki page, document, task, etc.

which are related to the different lists or libraries you can create out of the box in Share Point. You're probably wondering: why do they automatically need to be related to another content type? A good tip to remember this, is to compare it to a real parent. So you get a full package from them when you are born. The content type gets the settings and columns from its parent when you create it and then like when you grow up and create your own life path, the new content type can be modified to have its own purpose and use. This screen will appear: First of all, you should give your content type a name.Here, click on Site content types to have access to the wonderful world of content types.