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The Tableau Firmware Update (TFU) utility is a simple-to-use tool for Microsoft Windows that can update the firmware in your Tableau hardware devices (e.g., Forensic Duplicators and Forensic Bridges).TFU automatically identifies the model of the Tableau device connected to the host computer and applies the appropriate update on command.The range of potential penalties is as broad as the law itself.Courts could draw some sort of line between the OS and applications that run on top of it and order Microsoft to cease adding features of one kind or another.Lande, who helped sue Microsoft over its earlier bundling of Windows with the Microsoft Disk Operating System on behalf of the developers of the competing DR-DOS, said he believes the DOJ can show that the company that produces more than 90 percent of the PC OSes sold can exert far-ranging control over the market for personal computer software.Once DOJ attorneys do that - a slam dunk, in Lande's opinion - they need only show the company has used that power to maintain market share, dictate prices or otherwise compete under conditions that favor Microsoft.We have been receiving a lot of driver updates this year,and many of our users have been asking what drivers should be their top priority for installation.We have put together a list of our most popular drivers, here it is for your convenience: What started out as a possible hand slap for trying distribution of its Web browser to its operating system now may get out of hand.

'The Sherman Antitrust Act covers almost anything' that the DOJ will throw at Microsoft, University of Baltimore law professor Robert Lande said.The narrowly defined complaint said Microsoft had stepped over the line when it bundled its Internet Explorer (IE) browser with the Windows operating system (OS).

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