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Go to parents' association meetings as often as you can, where you will also get a chance to air your views.As a last resort you may feel it necessary to change the school your child attends.

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The Devil will continually change his garments as he maintains his attacks: he wants to destroy your family and he will come as a friend or as a stranger.Peace brought in a new prosperity; more attended university and more had money to spend.With newly acquired education and wealth, the young gained influence.The following is an example from one of our families in the Assemblies: A parent was very upset to see their children bringing home examples of "witchcraft" which was being taught.

They burned this material, which had been brought home from school, and sent it back in a bucket making the teacher aware that they would not tolerate this rubbish. They had noticed their own child was suffering nightmares and removed the school witchcraft material from the child’s bedroom wall.

Other games such as "Dungeons and Dragons" (D&D), and "Magic: The Gathering" are evil and cause harm to the souls of our children.