Tyler hilton who is he dating

20-Dec-2019 17:31

I’m sure most of you have heard we’re engaged or read it in a magazine somewhere so this is less an announcement and more a thank you thank you thank you! If I’m not with Meg it seems I’m with you all somewhere in the world and after meeting so many of you over the years that keeps her resting easy cause y’all are good people to be spending time with.

I’m not going to drink before a show,’ but none of my rules ever stuck,” he says. Previously feeling “embarrassed and so uncool” about quitting alcohol, he has also embraced sobriety and become comfortable talking about his struggles.“I slowly started to talk to people and they’d go, ‘Oh, you should talk to so-and-so.“They decided they wanted to start a band, so they met this girl [Hillary Scott] on My Space and started a band called Lady Antebellum and I was like, ‘Sh**, man, you guys are great!