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28-Sep-2020 12:55

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Odessa is Ukraine’s fifth largest city, nestled on the Black Sea and a hub of commerce, nightlife, and seaside living.

Having spent two months living in Odessa in the summer of 2016, I figured it would be good to share some thoughts on the subject.

Odessa, Ukraine is often referred to as “Odessa Mama”—referencing that name many of it’s inhabitants have given the city—which is quite beautiful.

Indeed, the beachside setting that led to much global trade and breeding has given it a more unique taste than many of the other cities in Ukraine.

It is a beautiful and very charming not only for the tourists, but for its own citizens, city which is situated near the sea and as a result it has its own harbor.

The charming Odessa is the city full of magic where a lot of lonely hearts and souls are gathered.

As soon as you step a half-kilometer or so away from Deribasovskaya Street, it starts to sink in… One minute you’ll be passing the historic and gorgeous Odessa Opera House, the next moment you’re looking at something more like this: Simply put, Soviet-style housing like you see in the above photo is just There’s absolutely nothing that can done about it at this point, and I hate to be judgmental, but there is simply no other way to put it. The point is, much of Odessa looks more like Nestled right on the water about five or so miles from the Deribasovskaya area, Arcadia is the closest thing you’ll find to Las Vegas in Ukraine.

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Also there are a lot of songs written about this great city.Bodies can only take staying up drinking until 4-5am so often.