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Each season concludes with a finale, typically involving a major event such as a progressing relationship or a personnel departure.

It additionally placed emphasis on her classmates Lo Bosworth, Stephen Colletti, Morgan Olsen, Trey Phillips, Christina Schuller, and juniors Kristin Cavallari and Talan Torriero.

However, after an incident during the halftime show of Super Bowl XXXVIII briefly exposed the breast of performer Janet Jackson, the school board questioned if the network, who produced the event, held the care necessary to operate in an academic setting.

Subsequently, their contract was ended, effectively jeopardizing the feasibility of the series' concept.

They were sharing a smooth relationship but always ran out of time for each other, because of their professional commitments.

Scherzinger always accepts that they were very supportive and understand the busy routine of each other but apparently, that becomes the major hurdle in their relationship and takes it to an end.

Before Hamilton, Scherzinger and Dane Cook were dated briefly in 2007.