Silverlight xap file not updating

02-Apr-2020 21:08

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foursquare for facebook not updating

This solution is based on IIS 7.0 but you can also do this in 6.0 as well.Go to your Silverlight application in IIS 7.0 and click on the application.

Okay, here are the steps to ensure that your end users never have to clear their cache when using your Silverlight application regardless of how many times you push any new updates.If you have designed your application to have a quick startup and are only bringing down the required XAP files, then the following solution might work for you.In most of the applications that I design, I have a shell XAP and a separate security XAP that are downloaded immediately and once a user has successfully authenticated then I bring down any other required XAPs.If there is a better solution to the multi-XAP scenario then I would love to hear from you.

This is something I’m sure I ran into before, but it still bit me the other day. Resources” is a reserved naming convention (I guess) that shouldn’t be used. XAP file is to rename it so it ends with something like “. MVVM takes MVP one step further by gearing itself specifically towards WPF/Silverlight style development.Note that the View Model doesn’t update the View directly.