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Thatcher, who seems to have been arrested for speeding and driving under the influence in 2008, is the son of Tom Drummond, who was a president of the Osage County Cattlemen’s Association, on the tax committee for the National Cattlemen’s Association, and chairman of the tax committee for the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association.The Drummonds are active in the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association, which was listed on United Organizations of the Horse original website as “.” Charles R.Since the BLM places our wild horses on private property, this invites questions about the people who oversee the horses and about the proximity of the horses to homes and to activities in the area, as well as any supposed “oversight” by the BLM.While the Pioneer Woman seems nice and I’m sure we’d all like to race through town (don’t worry about any speeding tickets) to go visit and have some blackberry cobbler, there’s a nagging feeling about the unfairness in seeing a select few people have the privilege of unfettered access to our wild horses, that we, The American People, don’t have access to any more.Drummond, his sons Ladd Drummond and Tim Drummond, and nephew Thatcher Drummond, received more than 40 speeding tickets in the state in the last decade.At least 18 of those were dismissed in their home county.

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Although the Drummonds paid a fine and court costs on all dismissed tickets, the tickets do not go against their driving records.“Osage County Special Judge John Boggs, who approved many of the dismissals as an assistant prosecutor and later as a judge, said he had no idea how fast the cited speeds were…Boggs said he had been to several bar association parties at the Drummond ranch but does not believe that he gives the family special treatment.” The Pioneer Woman has written about Ladd’s cousin, Thatcher Drummond.Randell Leon Williams is a 57-year Oklahoma City-area resident.On Wednesday afternoon, the seemingly disparate group had gathered in a southeast Oklahoma City motel room. We don’t know.” One apparent common link is a history with illegal drugs.Her father, William Dale Smith, is an orthopedic surgeon and Ree grew up on the grounds of a country club in Bartlesville, OK.

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Ree went to the University of Southern California, lived in Los Angeles, before she met Ladd.Or adolescents, who aren’t listed on the contract as key personnel.) Other people have noticed the child labor, too. 9, 2010 the BLM had a tour of the Drummond long term holding pasture, but And although you can no longer see many wild horses on any public lands, or even on the private property where the BLM warehouses them, Ree and Ladd and their friends can see the wild horses right out of the windows of their house. Ree has written stories about and posted photos of our wild horses on their property on “The Pioneer Woman” blog, uses photos of the wild horses at the top of her facebook page, and uses footage of the wild horses running on the promo for her cooking show.