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Picasso talks about the importance of “losing yourself completely” to your work, but is also told “you have talent, but no discipline.” Ouch.

All of this is set to a rockin’ score which is weirdly complementary to the series.

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of Newman-Abbott Former executive at Newman Enterprises Former owner/editor of Restless Style Magazine/Webzine Former COO of Newman Enterprises Former partner with Phyllis in Restless Style magazine/webzine Former Co-CEO of Newman Enterprises Newman Enterprises board member Former co-owner with Sharon of the Crimson Lights Coffee House chain Graduate of Genoa City University, president of his fraternity Attended Mount Bell Academy, a Swiss boarding school Sharon Collins [Eloped: 1995; remarried: Feb 19, 1996; divorced: Mar 5, 2007; Wedding: Oct 6, 2014 incomplete]; Wedding: Oct 4, 2018 incomplete] Phyllis Summers [Married: October 24, 2006; illegal; remarried: May 1, 2007; divorced: Nov 8, 2010; remarried: Jun 12, 2012; divorced: 2013] Sage Warner [Married: Aug 27, 2015; Deceased Apr 29, 2016) Nicole Reed (mother) Victor Christian Newman (father) Jack Abbott (step-father) Cora Miller (paternal grandmother; deceased) Albert Miller (paternal grandfather; deceased) Barbara Ann Reed (maternal grandmother; deceased) Nick Reed (maternal grandfather; deceased) Dylan Mc Avoy (half-brother; son of Nikki and Paul Williams) Victoria Nicole Newman (sister) Adam Newman (half-brother, son of Victor and Hope) Abby Newman (half-sister, daughter of Victor and Ashley) Faith Colleen Newman (half-sister by Ashley with Victor; miscarriage) Matt Miller (paternal uncle) Dr.

When Sharon and Nick beat out Amy and Matt as queen and king of the high school senior Polynesian dance, Matt took revenge.