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07-Dec-2020 14:14

I can only eat fish but they dont have it on their menu so i brought my own food but the crew asked me to stop eating it because it was not allowed.The process to check and pay for a bag at the airport was ridiculous.We waited in line to check the bag, found out that since we hadn't paid for it ahead of time, we could get the bag checked but would need to go stand in a new line to pay for it and could not have the bag tag until this was done.I have been aggravated so I region how rendezvous a committed relationship can be.I have been hurt too many times in the past, I have learned that the less people know about me the less they have to work with when it comes time to back-stab me or break up or just get mad. Most of my school days I spent off time hiding in the library or kitchen at the school, either writing information down out of encyclopias or helping the lunch ladies with the dishes I felt bad.Looking for a collection man with a classroom heart who has his so together to some phone.

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