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19-Apr-2020 15:27

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This can happen with recorded macros that have the word Select used frequently.

If this does happen, you may need to repeat the line: Application.

Client Access Express, i Series Access for Windows, and Client Access provide a Microsoft Excel add-in for data transfer that allows you to run download and upload transfer requests from 32-bit versions of Microsoft Excel (uploads starting with Client Access Express V5R1).

If the add-in is not already installed, following are the instructions to install the Microsoft Excel data transfer add-in.

For the purposes of this document, the terms Client Access, Client Access Express, and i Series Access may be used interchangeably.

Where a difference is important, the version of the product is used to identify the differences.

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You may even find in some cases that Screen Updating is set back to true before your recorded macro completes.

Office 2000, 2003, and XP If Client Access Express or i Series Access is used, ensure that you installed Data Transfer Excel Add-In support when you installed Client Access Express or i Series Access.

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