Reel fish dating

06-Nov-2020 21:47

The reels were well built and easy to find, and did not cost an arm and a leg. I have used some of these old reels just for the fun of it.

They don't cast well, but can be used for trolling and live bait fishing.

At its simplest, a fishing rod is a simple stick or pole attached to a line ending in a hook (formerly known as an angle, hence the term angling).

The length of the rod can vary between 2 and 20 feet (0.61 and 6.10 m).

Shakespeare used a 2 letter dating code from 1929 to 1977, they are usually on the reel foot or near the name or the model number.

1=K, V 2=j,u 3=h,t 4=g,s 5=f,r 6=e,q 7=d,p 8=c,n 9=b,m 0=a,l If your model number is a 1821 FA the F is 5 and A is 0, so it would be a 1821, 1950 model.

The renowned officer in the Parliamentary army, Robert Venables, published in 1662 The Experienced Angler, or Angling improved, being a general discourse of angling, imparting many of the aptest ways and choicest experiments for the taking of most sorts of fish in pond or river.

Compleat Angler was written by Izaak Walton in 1653 (although Walton continued to add to it for a quarter of a century) and described the fishing in the Derbyshire Wye.

In order to enable us to continue to grow the Library we have created the Rod & Reel Exchange.Trolling rods are designed to drag bait or lures behind moving boats.

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