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It was Manetho who compiled Egyptian history into the thirty dynasties we are familiar with today.The first problem with Manetho's dynasties was that the Egyptians left few clues as to which dynasty followed which; they weren't interested in recording which dynasties ended in a revolution and which simply died out.Archaeologists supporting this view contend that the last time there was sufficient precipitation in the region to cause this pattern of rainfall erosion on limestone was around 9,000 years ago, 7000 B. More traditional Egyptologists reject this view for several reasons. Also, the new theory focuses only on a specific type of erosion and ignores other evidence that would support an age of 4,500 years. It’s exciting to contemplate the existence of an unknown civilization that predates the ancient Egyptians, but most archaeologists and geologists still favor the traditional view that the Sphinx is about 4,500 years old.Among these: The Sphinx is a rapidly weathering structure, appearing older than it is; subsurface water drainage or Nile flooding could have produced the pattern of erosion; and the Sphinx is believed to resemble Khafre, the pharaoh who built one of the nearby pyramids of Giza. Do you have “Cosmic Questions” about the universe’s great mysteries — such as the prospects for interstellar travel?

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Like maybe since the Sphinx was buried most of prehistory, that perhaps condensation in the sand caused water (salt? I saw a docu on this, very interesting and very believable, the present head doesn't fit the size.Many researchers contend that the Sphinx can be dated back much further, because extensive water damage is visible on the Sphinx, meaning that it would have had to exist during a time when there was a lot of rainfall in that area, which could date back to about 10000 BC.

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