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03-Dec-2020 06:24

“Instead of going about the streets to beg, the best thing is to make myself available to men who can afford it.

That could help me take care of myself, the children and my rent,” she confided in .

Trafficking; smuggling; migration; high-risk migration; border control; womens's migration; deportations; return-migration; migration and development; gender and migration; sex work; marriage migration; anti-trafficking; Boko Haram; documentary film; science communication; visual anthropology; Nigeria; Thailand; EU; Denmark.

I en ny artikel diskuterer seniorforsker Sine Plambech film som en alternativ form for forskningsformidling.

She, like many of her colleagues, have adopted a strategy to make it easy for them to meet with a client for sex over an agreed fee.

“What we do now is to come together-maybe three of us-and rent an accommodation where men visit us and have fun. “We fix the appointment after making sure it would not clash with those of our roommates.

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The three largest ethnic groups are the Hausa 27.4% Fulani 6.3% of the population; along with the Yoruba 21% and Igbo 14.1%..We either also give the impression that we are sisters or friends when our customers visit,” she said, adding that in the alternative, they would visit the “customer” at home after his assurances that it is safe to do so “or hang out somewhere else if the customer has enough money for entertainment and getting a room.

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