Mpdiff xml failure validating management pack

18-Sep-2020 14:05

A variety of errors occur if you try to monitor using the Ops Mgr management pack and an older version of Dell Open Manage (including a lot of Script or Executable Failed to run alerts). Checked with the Launch Server Administrator task, and did not find any current issues on the server.

You can check the version either by running the Dell Server Administrator and checking the version it lists or through checking the registry key available under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Dell Computer Corporation\Open Manage\Applications\Systems Management, in the Version field. The actual issue was in the alert log not in the hardware log.

As a result, the alerts raised are directly related to hardware issues that are shown in the logs available through the Open Manage interface. Without the updated Backward Compatibility MP, you may experience CPU spikes!

Before you install the Dell MP, you must install the updated Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Backward Compatibility Management Pack. Lessons Learned: Make sure that all of the systems in your environment that have the Dell Open Manage software installed are at least version 5.2. Critical Issue: Redundancy lost Redundancy unit: System Power Unit Chassis location: Main System Chassis Previous redundancy state was Normal Number of devices required for full redundancy: 2.

if to look on the agent, in the Operations Manager event log.

This is a fairly verbose log that will almost always give you a good hint as to the trouble with the agent.

Searched the XML files to validate that this is part of the Dell management pack. Alert.1553 Issue: Log size is near or at capacity Log type: ESM Resolution: Used the Clear ESM Logs task after reviewing them with the Launch Server Administrator task.

Checked the Dell Server Administrator on the system and it was running version 1.9 (5.2 is required).

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A few key areas that commonly affect this are: How do you detect agent issues from the console?

If any of these are red or yellow – that is an excellent place to start.

This should be an area that your level 1 support for Operations manager checks DAILY.

Use Health Explorer on these views – to drill down into exactly what is causing the Agent, or Health Service Watcher state to be unhealthy. the following are some general steps to take to “fix” broken agents. The order of steps really comes down to what you find when looking at the logs after taking these steps.

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