Montana relative age dating

15-Dec-2019 13:06

Earth Notes Rev Qs Ch Step To begin the lesson conduct a KWL as described in the Formative Assessment section.

Be sure to correct student misconceptions that disrupted layers become older or younger based on anything bisecting them.

Note The worksheet is labeled Fun With Stratigraphy.

Special Materials Needed Once students have completed their Independent Practice worksheet and the class has reviewed the answers for clarification students will be assessed through a short multiple choice miniquiz to evaluate their mastery of the Law of Superposition.

Step Pose the following discussions Please fill the following form and click Submit to send the feedback.

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A source told The Sun Online: "Montana and Elliott met before Christmas, but they've only been officially seeing each other for the last few weeks.

"It's early days but they've got loads in common - they're both really into fitness and travelling." It's claimed the pair are taking it slow as it's only early days, but it's said model Elliott is already falling hard for the Hertfordshire native.

Tell them to draw fossils into multiple layers and include a legend.

Explain to students that you will be revisiting the L at the end of the lesson Students will also become familiar with the Law of Superposition and apply to finding the relative age of excavated fossils.

Once the students have completed the K and W sections of their KWL bring the class together for a whole group discussion assembling a master list of K and W student responses on the board.