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However, when she comes to his house for their first face-to-face, she isn't refined, isn't Ivy League, and isn't even a lawyer.

Instead, it's Charlene, a prison escapee who's proclaiming her innocence and wants Peter to help her clear her name. Queen Latifah is from New Jersey, Eugene Levy is from Canada, Jean Smart is from Washington, Kimberly J.

Jeanette is 40 years old, but she does not like that, because she tries to keep her body in perfect shape.

For her the fact that someone fails doing something is not good, because she does not tolerate people that do not have enough power of will to keep fit and exercise.

But Peter wants nothing to do with her, prompting the loud and shocking Charlene to turn Peter's perfectly ordered life upside down, jeopardizing his effort to get back with his wife and won a billion dollar client. Brown is from Maryland, and Joan Plowright is from England.

See more » This is pretty much another one of those typical culture clash comedies where a streetsmart character meets the classy rich character, there's conflict and then the conflict is resolved and friendship blossoms, then there's another conflict but that too is resolved by the end. But what makes ' Bringing Down The House' likable is Queen Latifah, Steve Martin and Joan Plowright.

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starlet getting together with Robin Thicke‘s ex — and on his birthday, no less!Her parents tried to assure that they loved her and even though they were no longer going to be together, they both still cared about her and would try to give her the best life possible.She attended the same school in which her mother was a teacher.These three provide some laugh-out-loud moments some including Martin and Latifah's dance number, Martin dressing and talking 'black', Queen Latifah and Missy Pyle's catfight and doing a break-dance, Plowright's pompous and stuck up character getting stoned, Peter's neighbour catching him and Charlene in a compromising position.

The chemistry between Latifah and Martin is convincing and both have a good comic timing.

The source that reported about their brake up has also stated that Queen Latifah girlfriend cannot tolerate her way of life anymore, because she likes to smoke, drink and eat unhealthy as much as she can and that leads to dreadful consequences.