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Maybe that's why it was venerated and stuff, because it did something that rocks don't usually do, that even meteorites don't usually do, like float above the ground or dig itself out of the sand or something or zap somebody who was trying to cut into it.

But it gets taken to Mecca and everybody comes to worship it and stuff, but…' He chugged some more frothy beer.

'How can you condemn the vast majority who don't get out of the slums or the schemes or the barrios or the projects?

' 'Or drug-dealers, as we call them these days.' 'That's evolution, too!

Please don't be petulant.' 'I was supposed to know by now.

Prelude is based on an award winning self learning chatbot program.

It's vicious, but that's the state and its dumb laws.' 'What are we really saying here, Jeb?

This they thought a hoot, and only encouraged them.' 'Oh, sorry, Stephen, I…I didn't mean to call you,' I lied.It was only worth scrapping, and it was to complete that process that it had come here from the yard in Genoa where its more valuable and salvageable fittings had been removed.In the event of some deep-impact type disaster — if I survived — I could start walking and attempt to find him.

It's supposed to have fallen from the sky, be a gift from God, from Allah, right?

The lifeboat half burned up in the atmosphere so that's why it looks like a rock, or maybe it's designed to look like a rock, right, so nobody tries to look inside it — I mean, maybe all this happened in some sort of, like, war, okay?

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These catfish can be anywhere from an older man or woman trying to get with a young teenager, a self-conscious teenager looking for a get away fantasy, wanting someone to love them for who they are, or a disturbed teen or adult who only want the satisfaction… They HATE being called children, because they think they are out of that stage. im 11 and my bf is 13 and we have been on plenty of dates but 10 my parents wouldn't even let me think about dudes plus im almost… also you might not like hamburgers when you are young (6,7,8,9) but as you get older you lose taste buds so things you didn't like when you were young you might like as a teenager or an adult. To me teenage is from 13-17, young age is 18-29 or 30.… continue reading »

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Addiction can take many forms and be co-occurring with other addictions or emotional or mental health challenges.… continue reading »

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