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There is also a policy discouraging content that simply paraphrases another link ("linkjacking"). Why force people to stumble around in the dark and then be punished when they step in the dog piles?Perhaps linkjacking is perfectly acceptable for banned sites. [Or is there a concern about legal concerns if one "vilifies" a site by pronouncing it banned?We discourage 'memes', aolbonics, and old jokes; these are highlighted red.

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Also with all its deficiencies, the Argentinean NIC is free, as in free you confirmed that all listed domain has been banned .

* Increase the 'cost' of upmodding: * Add a time-delayed reconfirmation for upmods * Limit upmods per day.

* Pick up possible problems in a post or reply and ask for confirmation: "Here is a preview of your comment, possible bad grammer highlighted blue.

Build up a public system alongside editor intervention.

Technical implementation or culture may be the things that make websites deteriorate, and we can change these.From time to time they may actually write something useful and informative. ]It's not true that killed stories can't be seen by anyone except the submitter.

However, the former New York Yankees shortstop and third baseman announced his engagement to superstar musician Jennifer Lopez on Instagram in March 2019.… continue reading »

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The legendary Skype app first was installed on computers and Macs.… continue reading »

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