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29-Jan-2020 00:20

That October, her family had insinuated that they were an item, but by July 2013, the relationship had fizzled. Upton began dating Maksim Chmerkovskiy, but they broke up in December 2013.Only one month later were Upton and Verlanded spotted together taking in a Flyers game. Over the course of the next few months they'd be spotted out and about together.“It is hard to be private,” Verlander agreed, “especially with her.

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On this occasion, Upton schooled herself to not look at the ring no matter what during the proposal, as she didn’t want Verlander to think she was so materialistic and that it was all about the ring for her. All right dudes, next time you’re out with the wife, don’t look at that shiny Mustang rolling down the street… There used to be a time when weddings were much simpler. Or rather, maybe they were a little too traditional. Her star predominantly rose as the popularity of her classy spreads in the magazine gained notoriety, and all because of her epic and undeniable beauty.