Is cote de pablo dating michael weatherly

20-Oct-2019 11:45

“I’ve been given this great moment to look down the path a little bit and make decisions that haven’t been available to me in 14 years,” Weatherly said.

“I really want to spend a lot of time with my family, and not just my two children at home here but my 20-year-old and my parents on the East Coast, and friends I haven’t seen in quite some time.” Despite the down time, he said, he’s “busier than ever – but I can’t talk about most of it.” “The last time I was in this position was after a show called ,” he said of the 2000-02 Fox drama.

“I was in a Town Car on the way to the Upfronts with (co-star) Jessica Alba, and the driver got a call to ‘Turn ’em around.’” Weatherly said the cancellation was welcomed by Alba, who wanted to do movies.

finale death today, but Michael Weatherly is extremely happy with the reaction to the way his character, Tony Di Nozzo, was written off of the CBS hit last night after 13 seasons."I am incredibly pleased," he told E!

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“What happened for me in the season finale is that I discovered an aspect of Di Nozzo that had never been revealed before, and it very much surprised me.” He added, “I will say, in that scene, I didn’t recognize Michael Weatherly at all and very little of Tony Di Nozzo.

actress Cote de Pablo already has confirmed that she won’t be returning for next week’s final episode of original cast member Michael Weatherly, but viewers hoping for some closure to the long-running series’ central romance won’t be disappointed, Weatherly said today.

In a press call, Weatherly — who has played Agent Anthony Di Nozz0 for 13 seasons on — said of de Pablo’s Ziva David character, “I think the audience will feel very strongly that she’s in the episode in a way that might be a little Shakespearean but it’s real, and I think it’s going to be a very exciting time for fans of that relationship.

Tony and Ziva are partners in the NCIS Series and are not going out either in the NCIS show or in real life. Cote de Pablo is not leaving the show NCIS, and will return for season 7!

Cote de Pable, the actor who plays Ziva is in a long-term relationship with actor Diego Serrano. Her character, Ziva, however left left the organisation but not the show and returned to the Mossad, to carry out the mission of Michael Rivkin.

It’s more likely that Di Nozzo would give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation than what he does in that last scene.” Weatherly recalled his first meeting with de Pablo.