Is cassie dating diddy who is bachelor brad womack dating now

15-Jun-2020 03:46

"I will be the first man in your life and will show you the greatest love and affection now and forever," he wrote.

I promise to be a man that you and your mother look up to and love.The 32-year-old parted ways with Sean “Diddy” Combs, for one, after a decade of their being together on and off.She also started dating fitness trainer Alex Fine soon afterward, and in June she revealed that she’s pregnant with his child.and the mom called the cops on him." Beverly Hills police have now investigated the dispute and have written up a 'domestic incident' report, although ultimately they decided that no crime has been committed.

On Friday, sometimes actress and model Cassie celebrated her 30th birthday with an LA club bash - and evidently she had by then patched things up with the rapper.

“I hope to make her understand the bigger picture in life and that you don’t have to solely be one thing in this world.