Hugh dancy and dating

01-Oct-2020 07:51

“James Dean portrayed rebellion brilliantly,” he says, “but I don’t necessarily think of him as a rebel.

If anybody deserves to be considered a rebel in his own right, it’s Marlon Brando.

Hugh was born as one of three children of Jonathan Dancy and Sarah Ann, who were living at Stoke-on-Trent at that time.

Later, Hugh along with his two younger siblings spent most of their childhood in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Jonathan Dancy, Hugh’s father is a professor of Philosophy who is currently teaching at the University of Texas at Austin and University of Reading.

At present, Hugh is married to Claire Danes, an American actress best known for her roles in My So-Called Life, Temple Grandin and Homeland. Two years later, the couple got engaged and married the same year.

“It lends the illusion that I have an honest career.” Only an hour earlier, primary colors were splattered across the 34-year-old actor’s body and face, a nod to the troubled abstract expressionist painter Jackson Pollock, at ’s rebel-themed photo shoot.

Now, over pints of toasted lager at Barbuto in Manhattan’s West Village, he considers the characters he has just inhabited.

Thrust into fame as one-fourth of a front-page celebrity sex scandal, Hugh Dancy’s tabloid past now seems a distant memory as he prepares for his two most satisfying roles yet: in his latest film, as a man with Asperger syndrome, and next month, as Claire Danes’ husband. ) “I like having paint on my hands,” says Hugh Dancy, picking at the telltale yellow specks on the tips of his manicured fingers.

Hugh has spent notable amount of time in entertainment industry and this period has earned him net worth of nearly 2.5 million dollars.