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20-Dec-2020 14:19

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So once on the network, a hacker would typically have to do little else to take control of the cameras and potentially other Io T devices around the house.hacks, such as the recent instance involving the family in Houston, are the far more likely -- and scary -- scenario.

Something as common as a data breach could put your login credentials in the wrong hands, and short of changing your password frequently, there's not much you could do to prevent it from happening.

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When a prompt requested the name of a server, she searched for one online because she didn’t know the family server’s name.

It would be almost impossible to know if your security cameras -- or worse, baby monitor -- has been hacked.

Attacks could go completely unnoticed to an untrained eye, and most people wouldn't know where to begin to look to check.

Hacking security cameras may not be shocking news for readers but those who get their cams hacked do have to go through a scary situation when hackers start yelling from those cams and users have no idea what’s going on or how to stop it.

That’s what happened when a mother of two daughters found the security cam installed in their room was hacked and live streaming everything happening inside the room on the Internet using Live Camera Viewer app.

While this would doubtless foil your plans for the perfect smart home, it would help prevent "land and expand," where an attacker gains access to one device and uses it to take control of other connected devices on the same network.

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