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03-Jan-2020 21:13

This is much needed, I’ve seen many “Is there a group policy for power options? And you can use the options Tab, to target particular machine types (i.e. Printers: Lets you install printers (local or TCP/IP), handy if you want all the machines in accounts to have the accounts printer.

for further info see, Deploying Printers with Group Policy Preferences Scheduled Tasks: Lets you create a scheduled task or an immediate task (Vista or Later), this could be handy to deploy a patch or some virus/malware removal process.

Local Users and Groups: Lets you Create, Replace, Update, or Delete either local users OR local groups.

Handy if you want to create an additional admin account, or reset all the local administrators passwords via group policy.

Rest assured that Avast Free Antivirus still receives regular virus definition updates to protect Windows Vista owners.

But we can unfortunately no longer provide program updates, new features, bug fixes, or support for Windows Vista.

In many cases, they can replace the use of logon scripts.

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Environment: As above lets you control and send out Environment variables via Group Policy, but on a user basis. allows you to copy, modify the attributes, replace or delete a file (for folders see the next section), but on a user basis.

The extensions, which are accessible through the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC), include advanced settings for folders, mapped drives and printers.

With Group Policy Preferences, administrators can deploy and manage applications on client computers with configurations targeted to specific users.

To get serious about security on Windows Vista, Avast provides advanced features like intelligent antivirus, Home Network Security, Software Updater and more.

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03/02/11Group Policy Preferences (GPP) first came in with Server 2008 and were enhanced for Server 2008 R2, To be able to apply them to older Windows clients, you need to install the “Client side Extensions” (CSE), You can either script this, deploy with a group policy, or if you have WSUS you can send out the update that way.