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21-Nov-2020 20:18

That being said, it is certainly difficult for men to easily be successul on these sites Whether they're a "waste of time" is rather down to you to decide, depending on what else you could be doing instead.But they're definitely pretty unrewarding and frustrating due to a number of quite obvious reasons.

Approach women in person instead of putting a barrier before you because you are afraid. hahahha and the philantrophist_89 with his fucking chest hair. Especially because when people were face to face, you could score with your personality, for example if you're funny or charismatic, but this isn't as easy with dating sites as the looks are the only thing that counts, pretty much Don't forget about status.

I may have figured out what is going on here, so I'd like to share that if it's useful and get some feedback since I may be way off base here, SNAFU. I suspect that most people don't understand that I'm blind in any way.

I suspect that when I'm told that I need more self confidence the person telling me this assumes that I see evidence that the person I'm dating likes me well enough, but I have feelings of doubt in spite of this because I believe that the other person will not like me once they get to know me.

What's best way to talk to people on those types of sites?

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BTW I am never rude to anyone or send stupid crude messages like some idiots do. Converts dating in to something even more competitive and less rewarding than a job interview.What is in fact happening is I have no idea of whether the other person likes me or if my current actions are making her like me more or less.