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12-Dec-2020 07:15

Best wishes, Clara Marketing Team This was a family meal for my daughter's birthday.

On arrival, we were told that our table (previously reserved) wasnt ready and my elderly Mother in Law who cannot stand for long was asked to get a drink at the bar. Hi Lorraine, We appreciate you taking the time to tell us about your recent visit to our inn.

I am glad to see that you had the chance to enjoy our beautiful beer garden, and that you were impressed by our high standards of food and service. Choice of food on the menu was great, and quality of food was even better. I am pleased to see that you found our offerings to be accommodating.

We are very proud of our diverse menu, so I am glad...

Hello Matty, Thank you for telling us about your recent visit to The Fishpool Inn.

Many thanks, Clara Marketing Team We are local and been here a number of times, its a lovely setting and has a good menu cooked well. On arrival the lady on reception was writing out a card and didn't acknowledge me for some...The British Museum assesses the face value of the hoard when deposited, about £400, would be equivalent to around £300,000 today.The jewellery is all in gold, with several items set with gems or using enamel. The reason is that I was too occupied with my role at Indoor Atlas building their engineering team and working on the scaling of that platform to pay any attention to writing articles on the side. Because this post is of a pretty personal nature, I’m posting it here - the next ones will more likely be on the Metrify blog.

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) solution for locating a mobile device when it is inside a building or otherwise out of reach for the usual, GPS satellite based location systems.Unlike its competitors (among which are Google, Apple and about a hundred of start-ups), Indoor Atlas can do this based on no additional hardware beyond the phone itself.

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There is no obligation to stay and you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.… continue reading »

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