Filemaker total record count not updating

10-Jan-2020 01:39

To help prevent this, the quantity fields can be updated throughout the various steps of the process.

Again, in our example, as soon as the customer places the order, it would be ideal to have a process (e.g.

In File Maker, a record is locked when a user edits a field.

On the item record, if someone is changing a price, updating a description, making a note, etc., that could potentially lock the record.

Now imagine a scenario where someone is changing prices on several items.

For some reason, the person is drawn away from the database (the phone rang, a meeting occurred, it was lunch time, etc.) while s/he is in the middle of editing a record. Lets stay with this scenario and imagine that another user is on a sales call and one of the requested items is the one the other user left while changing the price.

This action requires a modification in our quantities.We need to ensure that the quantity promised to our customer is available (there are a lot of presumptions in that statement.Lets make it simple and presume that we have enough to fulfill the order of our customer). Think about the process of selling Red Widgets (or any good).Before doing any scripting in File Maker, run through your particular processes and make adjustments as necessary. ITEM table The most obvious place to locate the quantity field attributes is in the ITEM table. How many units of that particular item are on hand, allocated, etc.

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Quantity fields are an attribute but of which table? The issue with keeping the quantity fields in the ITEM table is the chance of running into a record lock.

Record locking is a database functionality that aims to prevent multiple users simultaneously editing the same record.

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