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26-Dec-2019 20:02

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Poland is racing to modernize itself and change is in the air.Construction is occurring in every corner of Warsaw, Krakow, and other major cities.American women have fought the good fight, and continue to do so, to gain equality and acceptance in every aspect of life.From work place rights, diminishing wage gaps, the right of choice and contraception, the rights to equal treatment, sexual rights, the right to not be abused and raped, and financial rights.Whether it is the perception that Western men make more money, and thus can be better providers, or simply that they treat their women more kindly, or just the idea that they are somehow strange and exotic, whatever the reason, Polish women go ape shit over foreign men. Bars, clubs, and every Expat event you could imagine. My friends and I always knew which ones came for honest culture exchanges (there are those that do) and which ones came on the prowl. Upon being introduced to a foreign women these ladies would not acknowledge us at all and size us up with calculating eyes, or briefly speak to us and then immediately home in on any men speaking English.

They lead difficult lives where they are still treated as the minority, take on the majority of the domestic work, are the primary caretakers of the children, manage the home, and often the household finances, and they look damned good while doing it.

Having only lived in two other countries other than the US, this post will be limited in the scope of its observations. Warsaw has a huge expat population and with an increasing number of international companies setting up shop in Poland, it will continue to grow.