Dating vs having a boyfriend politics of dating leave members red faced

04-Dec-2019 08:45

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You might not even know that you have these expectations until someone doesn’t live up to them. Sometimes, it’s nice being in just one relationship because you don’t have to deal with the awkwardness of dating and “talking” to someone.You are less likely to question whether or not you are doing something right or wrong.There is a certain type of freedom in college that you don’t have at any other time in your life, do what you please with it.Your single friends don’t have responsibilities to someone else in the way that you do.

But a partner is a fresh love phase into adulthood.

Here are 5 pros and Cons of being in a relationship in college. Whether you’re fighting with your roommate, having trouble in your classes or missing your family back home, it is always nice to know there is someone who has your back.

A little cuddle sesh always helps take your mind off whatever is going on on the outside.

You can go out with your girls, drink, dance and have a good time.

You can take advantage of events and organizations on campus to meet new people and friends.Entering my fourth year of college, I just ended a relationship with my second serious boyfriend. I thought nothing could tear us apart, but everything about college quickly changed my mind.