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Starting a new healthy lifestyle and would love to find someone who wants to join my journey and also be my biggest cheerleader.Loyalty and honesty are the two top qualities I’m looking...Union Pacific then built the Teton Valley Branch railroad to Driggs and Victor from Ashton and completed in 1912.They built an engine house and other railroad facilities in Ashton to service the Teton Valley Branch and the Yellowstone Branch.Following successful construction and operation of the St.Anthony Railroad, Union Pacific, under the careful watch of the OSL and the Yellowstone Park Railroad Company, began plans for another railroad from St.

The planned route for the new railroad was through Marysville, up Warm River Canyon into the forested Island Park country, and on over the Continental Divide at Rea's Pass into what became West Yellowstone, Montana.

I love spending time with my family, spiritual values and my family for me are first, they are my weakness and strength."I looked in all the places you aren't... Im very easy to get a long with and a very good listener......