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Radio observations indicate that this is due to an outflow of gas arising from the IC 2497's core which is interacting with a small region of Hs V to collapse and form stars.

The youngest of these stars are several million years old.

Martinis are a specialty at this upscale-feeling bar and eatery.

Their classic martinis (gin or vodka) are tasty and not expensive.

Immediately greeted by bartender who seemed to know exactly what I wanted and within a moment a cold drink was in front...

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Star birth is occurring in the region of Hs V that faces IC 2497.They make all of their own pastas, sauces, and desserts.Food was delicious and a great value for the price, everyone in our group left full and most entrees were in the range.This is a great spot for wings, pizza, salad and subs!! This place is so amazing to come eat breakfast, lunch, and even for dinner if you wanna just come and grab it...

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So far my top in the Phoenix area everything I have had.... come in and indulge your self with…""A great little locally owned restaurant.Their more creative combos cost a bit more but we found them first-rate and refreshing.