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08-Jun-2020 00:45

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It happens, often for reasons even more minor than this.I admire people who can own up to their issues and take steps to recovery, but I know it won't mesh with my lifestyle so I make it known early to avoid situations like this.are typically expressed as “pursuits that allow a person to grow in connection, confidence, and contribution through development of skills, education, vocation, or relationships.” Games during recovery can be a great way to connect with others, focus on living in the present moment, and rationalize steps towards becoming a better version of ourselves.The following are some excellent games that can be played that incorporate all these things: These are games that can be played at home, in a recovery treatment center, or to be given as a gift.I think that your ex gf is most likely seeking her own level.She is attracted to and wants to be involved with someone in active addiction, and she may have a history of growing up in a family effected by addiction.She clearly makes incredibly bad decisions about men. Be happy about it and go find yourself a normal girl who makes good decisions. I feel it shows a mature and open heart, and shows they have ambition and are open to and actively bettering themselves!As much as I think it is a horrible thing to do- I’m thinking she may have used your recovery as an easy out for her. It must be irksome being in the same friend group with her.

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Its what people do to try not to hurt your feelings.

I understand there is a specialty area in the study of economics about the differences between what people say they will do, plan to do, and should do, versus what they actually do in a situation.

I think you have come up to the real world version of that. If anything, it’s a plus on your side because you were too normal for her, regardless of what she falsely claimed.

Maybe she likes "fix it" projects - she wants to fix him and make him a better person.

Maybe she likes something about him that she doesn't see in you.If she previously said it wasn’t an issue and you didn’t do anything to make it an issue (ie., talk ad nauseam about being in recovery cuz that does get really old)... However, as someone who has been in multiple codependent and emotionally manipulative, relationships I would encourage you to see her choice in a positive light.

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