Dating for dog owners

10-Oct-2019 14:49

Niche online dating sites provide a one-of-a-kind experience for like-minded pet owners.

These top five dating sites for pet lovers offer pet-loving singles a new leash on love — no more excuses about pet allergies or phobias. Date My When you and your pet are a complete package, it’s not always easy to find someone who understands that special bond.

The new Hot Diggiddy app and website provide you with all the options you need in your search for that one, true love!

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Whether you’re looking for a friend, date or lifetime partner, you’re guaranteed to find others with compatible perspectives based on common breed interests. Here, you’ll find other dog park enthusiasts without having to deal with all the clicks and politics.

“You’re at table 9,” the host says, smiling and pointing towards the far corner. “I’ve done this a few times before, just never with Bailey.” She gestures towards her curly-haired spaniel.