Dating for big guys

27-Oct-2020 01:54

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The muscle man is always in the gym working out wanting to gain some six pack.

They are better defenders ALSO READ: Woman files for divorce claiming husband ‘too kind’ Chubby men command authority everywhere they go. The moment you are spotted by the big man the respect is automatic.

But then I realized, I was dating a semi-professional football player who was 6’3 and 345 pounds. Unfortunately James didn’t have his life together, so he never seemed worth blogging about, until last night when I started thinking about the ongoing conversation that happens every time a Plus Size Princess says that she prefers a certain “type” of man.

I’d dated tall/skinny guys before, but James was larger than me in every way and when he pulled me close I did feel somewhat small… I’ve mentioned here that I usually date guys with a basketball or baseball players build.

3.) Thinking back on my time dating James, I actually was a hypocrite.

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How could I write posts complaining about men who only date me for my size… I was being selfish and heading down the road to fetish-town which was not cool at all.

They have high self-esteem and confidence despite their body shape, compared with muscle man who spends time in the gym trying to maintain weight.