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06-Jan-2020 02:14

But natural gas prices have collapsed and profit must be found elsewhere, namely the natural gas byproduct ethane, which is unleashed during fracking and can be made into polyethylene, a common form of plastic.

This is a place where, right now, plastic makes sense to many people. To the world’s third-largest company struggling with low oil prices.

“Plastic really doesn’t go away,” said Roland Geyer, a professor of industrial ecology at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

“It just accumulates and ends up in the wrong places.

Over time, the earth shifted and the sea was covered by rock, which compressed all of the dead organisms and sediment that had settled on its watery bottom into rich layers of hydrocarbons, including those that make up natural gas. Mercer has spent 32 years traveling the world for Shell — in southern Iraq and in eastern Russia — helping turn those hydrocarbons deep within the earth into energy. Mercer, an English-born, Oxford-educated engineer, works out of a red brick building in Beaver, Pa. Mercer has come here to build is “as big as you get,” she said.

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It may be a secretary from your office or an old girlfriend, often times with nude pictures in their profiles.Studies have detected plastic fibers everywhere — in the stomachs of sperm whales, in tap water and in table salt.

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