Dating a mentally challenged person

28-Jun-2020 09:15

These are just two examples of a problem that is becoming more and more apparent and heart-breaking in clinical psychiatric centers.The fate of these children is largely unknown—that is, until they return to those very same psychiatric centers later in life as patients.These conditions can lead the child to a life of illness, poverty, crime, and self-destruction.People with severe mental illness, particularly when they do not have a strong support system of family around them, are notorious for ceasing to take their medication once they leave a clinical setting.

This obviously brings up a number of moral and ethical questions that must be weighed against the economic and social impact that the birth of these children will have on society.

In that case, the medication can only be forcibly administered in that particular instant of violence.

In some situations, a judge can assign a conservator—generally a family member—who can give permission for drugs to be administered to that patient; however, clinicians can still not give medications against the patient’s will.

Many stop taking their medication because they believe they no longer need it.

Many never wanted to take it in the first place and quit immediately.

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