Dating a cheap guy

26-Nov-2020 10:29

In dating, this fact is doubly difficult because the subject of money is generally viewed as taboo and off-limits in polite company.As a result, we easily get the idea we shouldn’t consider money matters at all when assessing a new partnership’s long-term potential. Nearly all women appreciate men who are careful and conscientious about money.If your conflict on the subject always boils down to judgments of “right and wrong” — with you typically cast in the wrong — there’s likely more going on than a simple difference of opinion.To be sure, take a closer look at other areas of your relationship, to see if there are polarizing issues at work besides money: your choice of friends, how you spend your free time, your taste in entertainment, your political views, and so on.This is what dating is for — to identify your personal “must haves” and “can’t stands” and determine whether your present partner meets those needs.If the answer appears to be “no” on the subject of money, do yourself a favor and make a decisive to move on sooner rather than later. Does your partner allow room for differences, or is he determined to change your views to match his own?Either way, just know that your boyfriend isn't wrong for approaching money differently than you do.

But some men are so tightfisted and stingy that problems arise on the other side of the equation. In any conflict, it never hurts to begin by examining yourself.The truth is, fighting over money early on in a relationship probably signifies basic incompatibility and portends more strife down the road.