Correct method of consolidating concrete

27-Jan-2021 03:11

Method Statement for Temperature Control and Monitoring for Mass Concrete 5. Concrete Batch Plant Supplier The Plant Manager shall monitor the prevailing Ambient conditions, concrete mix temperature trends etc. The Site Engineer and the QC will monitor the concrete placement and will notify the Site Agent of any unacceptable materials or operations for action. The materials and Mix design must be approved and available at the site.

Assist in constructing and later disassembling reinforcement braces, concrete forms, scaffolds and temporary structures. The consultant will review the test results and will take the required action.

The HSE inspection shall take place before concrete works start to ensure that the work area is safe i. adequate access, adequate illumination if working on night shift, good concrete pump arrangements, checking the formwork and supports, scaffold inspections, if applicable.

Similarly, they shall ensure that the needed drawings are of latest revisions.

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To maintain the records of all surveying equipment handled. Assist Surveyors in taking measurements, record measurements manually or electronically, and peg out boundaries. After identifying uncontrolled hazards; Contractor will take steps to eliminate or reduce them to an acceptable risk level. General contractual Safety, Health and Environmental requirements. Roles of the contractor, subcontractors, authority representatives and all project workers. The concrete works shall be carried out fully in compliance with the Project Specifications All dimensions, levels, construction joints, movement joints, reinforcement dimensions, reinforcement covers, reinforcement splicing, installation of mechanical splices, etc.The adopted codes govern on this method statement for concrete is the British Standard (BS) but it should be based in order of precedent with the Project Specifications, Contract Agreement, Addendum and Special Provisions, etc. The preferred failure mode of the couplers is a bar-break failure, defined as a failure occurring away from the coupler, at a distance of at least 2 bar diameters. If bar break is not achieved, then the connection shall reach at least 95% of the actual tensile strength of the bar, measured on a control bar from the same batch, and shall have a ductility of at least 5% measured as the elongation at maximum load (Agt). The permanent elongation after loading to 60% yield strength (fy) shall not exceed 0.1mm. Testing of samples shall be in accordance with the Project Specifications following criteria of approved ITP. The sample for testing will be selected randomly from each consignment delivered to site representing different days production of manufacturers work 3. All relevant details of composition, manufacture, strengths and other qualities of the steel. During production, sampling will be done accordingly to BS 4449: a.