Consolidating all photos in iphoto

25-Nov-2020 18:08

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You can also edit the name in the Information pane. You can split one or more Events into smaller Events based on the date or time the photos were taken.For example, if you have an Event that includes photos taken during an entire day, such as at a birthday brunch and an evening barbecue, you can have i Photo split that larger grouping into smaller Events that cover a shorter time period. The Event you selected is split into smaller Events based on the new time frame you set in step 1, but the other Events in your library are unaffected unless you repeat step 2 for them.Fortunately, a little experimentation showed that i Photo does not change the image files but stores this extra information in a separate database. The Imagemagick suite of tools comes with the identify program, which allows you to get a hash of just the image data.My approach would thus mean that we would lose stars & face tags, but we considered this an acceptable trade off. This would allow us to find more duplicates, even if the EXIF information had been edited; however it runs much, much slower than just using MD5 so I chose not to use it.

(I didn't count how many these were, but they numbered in the thousands.) After consolidation we ended up with 33,000 images and movies in one i Photo library.This explains how I consolidated & de-duped about 45,000 pictures and movies from four i Photo libraries on two different machines and various directories full of images on USB drives into one 33,000 file library.We had about 25,000 photos in one library from a previous (unsuccessful) attempt at consolidating libraries.i Photo has a menu item for finding duplicates, but I was not been able to make it work; it would just hang trying to find duplicates in one of the smaller libraries.

And even if I could get that to work I didn't have the space to copy all the images into one giant library and let i Photo sort it out. One problem was that the same picture would exist with different file names, probably due to being imported from devices into multiple different i Photo libraries or to being exported & then imported again in the aforementioned failed consolidation attempt.

I did not want to end up with tens of thousands of files in one directory, so I made my program put each file in a directory named after the 2 first characters of each file's name.