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Sadly, the peace did not last, with a civil war following in the late 1990s, and peace has only returned alongside single-party rule, with much international concern for the human rights of indigenous communities.

Following the conclusion of World War II, Albania ended up more closely linked to its northern neighbor, Yugoslavia, than its southern neighbor, Greece.

With Soviet support, the first Communist regime was established in Afghanistan in 1978, and it survived in various forms until 1992.

The leaders initially after the revolution, Nur Muhammad Taraki and Hafizullah Amin, instituted a number of reforms, including equal rights for women and land reform.

The MPLA won out, and Angola was a communist republic until the broad collapse of most communist countries in 1992.

With strong ties to the USSR, Caribbean Communist country Cuba, and fellow south African, Portuguese-speaking country Mozambique–which turned communist at the same time.

Ruled initially by the communist Tito, Yugoslavia had a split with the Soviet Union almost immediately after the war, and Tito retained relatively good relations with the United States–although not too close, as he never joined NATO.

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At that point, the ruling clique aligned with the Soviet Union–but even this link was short-lived, with relations with China eventually becoming critical to securing independent leadership from Yugoslavia.After the First Indochina war Vietnam was split into two halves–North Vietnam becoming Communist with the support of the Soviet Union, and South Vietnam remaining democratic with support from the United States.After the Vietnam War, and decades of national and international conflict, the United States and South Vietnam los the war and Vietnam was reunited as a Communist nation in 1976.This country of 25 million remains one of the poorest countries on earth.

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After winning its independence from Portugal in 1975, two groups aimed to dominate the new-found Republic: one (the MPLA) backed by the USSR, and the other (UNITA) backed by the US.

Civil war between the two sides began in 1975 and lasted, with some quieter periods, until 2002–though the fall of Communist rule came in 1992, and some resistance continued beyond 2002.